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A silence in music.
Scale that starts out with one whole step, one half step, two whole steps and then branches out into one of three types: natural, harmonic, or melodic minor.
The magnitude or intensity of the vibration of a wave.
The distance in pitch between two notes.
A linear succession of musical notes that produces a musical phrase or idea.
A set of pitches consisting of a fundamental and its overtones built above that note that have a distinct, fixed relationship to the fundamental.
The arrangement of notes in a specific order of half-steps and whole-steps.
A single melodic line without any accompaniment.
A short melodic or rhythmic figure that occurs through a composition.
The pattern of beats by which a musical piece is measured.
Music with one melodic part supported by harmonic accompaniment moving together simultaneously.
The interval from one note to its nearest note of the same name, 12 half steps away.
The measure of the loudness/fullness or intensity of a sound.
The varying degrees of volume of a piece of music.
The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions.
The repetition of a musical phrase at different pitch levels.
The location of a sound related to its highness or lowness.
A group of three or more notes sounded together simultaneously.
The tonal center of a composition.
The main musical idea, usually a melody, of a composition.
The length of a note, how long a note is audibly heard or visually written to be played. Most common: whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note.
The organization of music in time using notes of short and long duration.
Scale made up of two whole steps, one half step, three whole steps, and one half step, in that order.
How often the particles of a medium vibrate when a sound wave passes through that medium.
Two or more different melodic lines interacting and overlapping.
Basic rhythmic unit or pulse.
The measurement of a set number of beats grouped together.
A recurring musical theme or motive (motif) associated with a specific character.
The written number of beats and their duration in a measure.

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