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Can you name the names and terms from Ancient Greek History that begin with 'A'?

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3rd C mathematician and astronomer
4th C philosopher and student of Plato
cultural center of ancient classical Greek empire
word derived from Greek word to 'not know'
7th C Presocratic philosopher and naturalist
6th C Athenian general in Persian Wars
5th C Athenian playwright, known for The Oresteia
5th C comedic playwright, known for The Frogs
word derived from Greek words for 'best' and 'rule'
Greek goddess of virginity and hunting
Greek god of winds whose gift blew Odysseus off course
Greek word that means 'study of old things'
river that bounds the Greek underworld
12th C legendary Greek king of Mycenae
Greek hero of Trojan War, killed by Odysseus
Greek Titan, condemned to carry the earth on his shoulders
Important city of the Peloponnese and birthplace of Perseus
Greek word for the highest point of a city
Warrior princess who struck the Calydonian Boar
Herodotus' mythical female warriors
Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality
white flower that carpeted a meadow in the underworld
Odysseus' mother, whom he sees in the underworld
Greek word for marketplace
one of at least 70 cities of the same name founded by Alexander the Great

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