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Can you name the answer for the questions covering each of the last 24 centuries?

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This country was invaded on Sept. 1st, 19391900s
He became the last Tsar of Russia in 18951800s
He regretted having but one life to give for his country prior to his hanging in 17761700s
He became Lord Protector of England in 16531600s
This final Tudor monarch took the throne in 15581500s
This 'Archetype of the Renaissance Man' was born near Florence in 14521400s
This civilization's capital, Tenochtitlan, was founded in 13251300s
This long-lasting empire was founded by Osman I in 12991200s
This temple complex was built for king Suryavarman II in the early 12th century1100s
This great survey of much of England and Wales was completed in 10861000s
This explorer founded the first Nordic settlement in Greenland in 985900s
This people spent much of the century conquering modern day Hungary800s
This Islamic people began an 8 year conquest of Hispania in 711700s
This civilization began construction of Chichén Itzá in the early 600s600s
Construction on this famous Istanbul landmark began in 532500s
This eastern sect of a divided group established the Kingdom of Italy in 495400s
His Edict of Milan proclaimed religious tolerance of Christians in 313300s
His accession to Roman Emperor in 284 ended the crisis of the third century200s
This book, which became the basis for astronomy until Copernicus, was compiled by Ptolemy100s
This island was invaded by Claudius in 43 AD1-99 AD
He became Rome's first emperor in 27 BC1-99 BC
This modern day country had its temple restored by Judas Maccabeus in 164 BC100s BC
He is credited with calculating the circumference of the earth c. 240 BC200s BC
He had created one of the largest empires in history by the time of his death in 323 BC300s BC

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