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Can you name the famous people (last name only) hidden in each of the following clues?

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HintPersonNumber of Letters
The hope that this quiz is enjoyed is one of my main reasons for making it6
If you do a great job a mark near the top of the results page will be your reward 5
It really doesn't matter if you get as many as anyone else if you have fun though6
If you see another well known person hiding and his/her name doesn't appear as a bonus when you type it please let me know6
Some of these will likely be obvious while others will seem so cryptic a stroke of genius will be required6
Due to constant reminders from the language editor, I knew to not require you to answer in order on this quiz6
If the hints seem random and elaborate it is merely because I am attempting to obscure where the name is hidden7
It obviously isn't nearly as epic as some other quizzes on Sporcle but it seemed like a fun idea7
I always look forward to seeing the comments on my quizzes but please don't post a link to an unrelated quiz6
Thanks for playing, I hope that you found it entertaining5

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