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Can you name the words that end in 'he'?

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The most common english word
Dull, steady pain
Handlebar, for example
Anise-flavoured spirit also known as the green fairy
Hiding place, often for storing provisions
Squirm in pain
Specialized role, or a recess in a wall
16th century Danish astronomer known for his precision
Machine for rapidly turning wood or metal
Medley of various ingredients
Harm or injure, or to criticize severely
Attack helicopter or group of Native American tribes
Unsweetened custard baked in a pastry shell
Faust poet
The ego, super-ego and id
10% payment in support of a church
The main stadium for tennis' US Open is named in his honour
Immerse in water for cleansing
Retract a claw
Philosopher who declared 'God is dead'
Navigable submersible for deep-sea exploration
Easily bent; supple
Automaker Ferdinand
Tool consisting of a curved blade on a long, bent handle
Grand or flamboyant flair or elegance
Massive slide or an NHL team

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