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Can you name the words that end in 'no'?

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Site of the 1998 Winter Olympics
An elementary particle that travels close to the speed of light
Bat excrement
Singer and activist, born Paul David Hewson
Game that features cards such as skip, draw two and reverse
Modern stone age family pet
Follows box, grand or upright
Roman goddess, Canadian music award or a 2007 film
This country borders only one country
Dietary supplement used to prevent flatulence or a British children's comic
His films include the Godfather trilogy and Scarface
Coffee topped with foam
Caesar's Palace or The Mirage, for example
This Italian actor was one of the most popular stars of the silent film era
A common gambling game similar to Bingo
Heavyweight boxing champion from 1952-1956
A vent in the Earth's crust through which molten rock and gases are ejected
A resident of Manila, for example
Singer of Ain't That a Shame and Blueberry Hill
A large, uncontrollable fire or part of The Divine Comedy
She was widowed on Dec. 8th, 1980
Eight-time Winter Olympics medalist short track speed skater
A person or animal who lacks normal pigmentation
A long, wide-sleeved Japanese robe
Carson's replacement
Describes a horse with a gold coat and white mane and tail
High pitched vocal range
His films include Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs
'Everybody Loves' Manny from 'Ice Age'
A common herb, member of the mint family

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