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Can you name the words that end in 'da'?

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Animal Kingdom
This endangered bear appears on the WWF logo 
Arguably the world's longest snake 
This noisy insect's name is latin for buzzer 
A large fish or a song by Heart 
Food & Drink
Follows club, ice cream or baking 
A Dutch cheese or the city it's made in 
Potent pineapple potable 
A corn tortilla stuffed with meat and cheese  
African country 
African country 
North American country 
North American country 
North American country 
US state 
US state 
Overseas territory of the UK 
Famous People or Characters
Portrayed Hawkeye on M*A*S*H 
Jedi master 
Samba singer with a signature fruit hat 
Famed 20th century Chilean poet 
CHiPS star 
Gypsy girl from the Hunchback of Notre Dame 
Star of The Godfather and Barney Miller 
Grab Bag
Infamous terror organization 
Major Japanese automaker 
A list of things to be done 
The forbidden dance 
Video game series with Link as the main protagonist 
Information spread to promote a cause, Goebbels specialty 
This large hotel chain is owned by Wyndham Worldwide 
Hodge Podge
A circular, usually domed building 
Verdi opera 
A usually roofed porch or balcony 
Greek L 
A fleet of warships 
An Asian tower with upward curving roofs  
Nearby galaxy or Michael Crichton's 'Strain' 
1996 Danny Devito film or the Roald Dahl novel it was based on 

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