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Can you name the answers to these common misconceptions?

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This African desert is not the largest in the world
This is often claimed to be the only one of the big cats unable to retract its claws
This US president is wrongfully reported to have had wooden teeth
Often claimed to be the only man-made landmark visible from space
Humans use far more of the brain than this often quoted percentage
Despite common belief, this does not cause hair to grow back thicker and darker
It is commonly said to be impossible to keep your eyes open while doing this
This food is often wrongfully claimed to cause hyperactivity
The famous belief that this creature engages in periodic mass suicides is unsubstantiated
Despite being a brilliant inventor this man did not invent the light bulb
This man who voiced Bugs Bunny was not allergic to carrots as is often claimed
This famous phrase attributed to Sherlock Holmes was never actually said in any of the books
This animal's call is falsely said to not echo
This man is often claimed to be the first European to 'discover' the Americas
Despite his name, this man did not invent the flush toilet
This nocturnal mammal is commonly believed to be blind
Despite common claims, this celestial body does not have one side in perpetual darkness
These insects are mistakenly said to be the most likely to survive a nuclear attack
Cracking knuckles is mistakenly believed to cause this disease
Electricity was already known prior to this man's famous kite experiment
Ironically, cold weather does not cause this common malady
This magnificent wonder is often said to have been built by slaves
This animal is often mistakenly said to bury its head in the sand
This phrase is improperly said to come from an old English law legislating the maximum width of a stick a man could use to beat his wife

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