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Can you name the missing words in this timeline of important events of World War II?

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German troops invade __ , Britain and France declare war on Germany 2 days laterSep. 1st, 1939
The Soviet Union invades __ , suffering over 300 000 casualtiesNov. 30th, 1939
Winston Churchill replaces Neville __ as Britain's Prime MinisterMay 10th, 1940
The desperate evacuation of over 300 000 Allied troops from the beaches of __ beginsMay 26th, 1940
Hitler triumphantly tours __ , the recently defeated capital of a major European powerJune 23rd, 1940
The Battle of __ begins, culminating in a decisive RAF victory over the Luftwaffe several months laterJuly 10th, 1940
The Tripartite Pact is signed in Berlin by Germany, Japan and __Sep. 27th, 1940
General __ , 'The Desert Fox' and commander of the Afrika Korps, arrives in TripoliFeb. 12th, 1941
The British capture of U-110 gives them access to the invaluable '__ Machine' which allows them to decipher German codesMay 8th, 1941
After a long pursuit, The __ , a massive German battleship, is sunk with a loss of over 2000 livesMay 27th, 1941
Named after a medieval German ruler, Operation __ begins as Germany attacks the Soviet Union with 3.5 million men, 3350 tanks and 1945 aircraftJune 22nd, 1941
Germany begins the 872 day long Siege of __ , a Soviet city currently known as St. PetersburgSep. 15th, 1941
'A date that will live in infamy' as Japan launches a sneak attack on the American fleet at __ HarborDec. 7th, 1941
SS Leader Heydrich holds the Wannsee Conference to coordinate the 'Final Solution of the __ Question'Jan. 20th, 1942
78 000 US and Filipino troops begin the 65 mile '__ Death March'Apr. 10th, 1942
The Battle of __ begins, resulting in the loss of 4 Japanese aircraft carriers in a decisive American victoryJune 4th, 1942
Germany begins its attack of the Soviet city of __ , which becomes one of the bloodiest battles in the history of warfare with 2 million combined casualties Sep. 13th, 1942
US and British airborne divisions make the first landings on the island of __ and meet fierce resistance from Italian and German troopsJuly 9th, 1943
General __ becomes Supreme Allied CommanderJan.16th, 1944
D-Day, 156 000 British, American and Canadian troops land at 5 beaches in Normandy: Omaha, Utah, Gold, Sword and __June 6th, 1944
Germany launches the first __ rocket attacks, 3000 were used on London and AntwerpSep. 8th, 1944
A major German counter-offensive from the Ardennes breaks the American lines in The Battle of the __Dec. 16th, 1944
The Soviets liberate __ , the infamous concentration camp that was the site of 2 million murdersJan. 17th, 1945
A photograph captures the iconic image of the American flag being raised on __ __ (2 words)Feb. 23rd, 1945
Italian partisans capture and kill __ , his body is hung from a lamppost in Milan the next dayApr. 28th, 1945
As the Soviets close in, __ commits suicide in his bunker in Berlin, his corpse is immediately incineratedApr. 30th, 1945
The United States drops an atomic bomb on __ , Japan, followed 3 days later by a second bomb on Nagasaki, 150 000 - 250 000 people are killedAug. 6th, 1945
Japan formally surrenders aboard the American battleship USS __Sep. 2nd, 1945
War crimes trials for several prominent Nazi members begin in __ , GermanyNov. 20th, 1945

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