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Can you name the words that end in 'a' directly preceded by each letter of the alphabet?

Featured Apr 23, 2011

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December holidayaa
A Canadian provinceba
Mouth organca
Jedi masterda
Region or vicinityea
This labor leader vanished mysteriously in 1975fa
Her hits include Bad Romance and Poker Facega
Hawaiian greetingha
This infectious disease is treated with quinineia
One trained in ancient Japanese martial artsja
Greek for 'I have found it'ka
The most popular ice cream flavourla
A state of deep unconsciousnessma
HintAnswerEnds In
Weed; ganjana
Pacific island nationoa
Galilean satellite of Jupiterpa
Body-covering woman's garmentqa
x^2 + 2x − 3 = (x+3) (x-1), for examplera
Lightweight woodsa
Famous document of 1215ta
Central American nationua
Explosive fate of a large starva
A US statewa
Internet traffic websitexa
Orange-fleshed tropical fruitya
Baked dough topped with sauce and cheeseza

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