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Can you name the words that end in 'go'?

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A large group of islands
1958 Hitchcock film or a type of dizziness symptomatic of a balance disorder
A large oval fruit indigenous to India
Freight carried in a ship, airplane or vehicle
This country borders Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana
Bart Simpson's twin brother
A highly contagious bacterial skin infection
Informal language or specialized vocabulary of a specific field
A small drum or a species of African antelope
A wading bird or a popular lawn ornament
Pieces of this board game include miners, bombs and scouts
2004 Viggo Mortensen film or a Mexican state
Motor home manufacturer
Large California city, home of the Padres
A symbol or emblem
An Australian dog species
Separated from the South American mainland by the Strait of Magellan, spanish for land of fire
A color, part of ROY G BIV
Therefore, hence
The name of this river also appears in the name of two countries
1996 Coen brothers film or a North Dakota city
Prohibition of trade with a foreign nation
This tropical nation is the only non-African country to fit the category
Yell it when you win it
A Dodge SUV or a Mexican state
A type of dance originating in Argentina and Uruguay
Jason's ship
A Walt Kelly comic strip or a springy stick
Named toy of the century by both Fortune magazine and the British Toy Retailers Assn.
Either of the two world capitals to fit the category

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