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Forced Order
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First EventNumber of DaysSecond Event
The 'unsinkable' Titanic departs on its maiden voyageThe 'unsinkable' Titanic strikes an iceberg
Japan attacks Pearl HarbourThe USA declares war on Japan
Thomas Jefferson diesJohn Adams dies
The Great Chicago Fire beginsThe Great Chicago fire burns itself out
Apollo 11 is launchedNeil Armstrong first sets foot on the Moon
The US observes missile bases being built in CubaThe USSR agrees to dismantle the missiles
Atomic bombing of HiroshimaAtomic Bombing of Nagasaki
William Henry Harrison is inaugarated as US presidentWilliam Henry Harrison dies
First EventNumber of DaysSecond Event
Sept 2nd. 1752 in the US and UKSept. 14th 1752 in the US and UK
The USSR blocks road and rail access to West BerlinThe blockade is lifted
The Treaty of Ghent is signed officially ending the War of 1812The Battle of New Orleans ends, concluding major hostilites of the War of 1812
53 Americans are taken hostage in IranThe hostages are freed
The beginning of the Waco siegeThe end of the Waco siege
Columbus departs from the Canary Islands on first voyage to the new worldA sailor aboard the Pinta spots land of the 'New World'
D-DayAdolf Hitler commits suicide

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