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thickness of a cell membras
inner membrand and outer membrane makes up the...
transparent componenet to the cell which holds all the organelles
fibers that controll cell shape and movement
thickeckest filament, they re organize in a dividing cell to form the spindle
major sites of ATP production, energy for the cell
inner membrane of mitochonria is folded into [ ] that increase the surface area
part of the mitchondria that contains enzymes that catalyze oxidation. containes mitochondrial DNA
sites of photosynthesis
contain chlorophyll and other pigments that cature light energy
a network of membranes continguous with the outer nuclear membrane
site of synthesis of phosopholipids
site of modification of membrane and secreted proteins, and a point from which secreted protein and memrane proteins are sorted into their final destination
irregularly shaped bags of enzymes that break down cellular components. internal pH is acidic
organisms whos cells lack nuclei
bacteria in soil, and that cause illness, and in algea
where DNA is attached in a prokaryote cell
have a plasma membrane as well as a permeable outer membrane
proteins that bring small molecules through permeable membranes
space between plasma membrane and outer membrane
electron carriers
acyl group carrier
nucleotides are made up of...
strong covalent bonds between a phosphate group and two 5-carbon ring carbohydrates (pentoses) over two ester bonds.
process by which DNA directs synthesis of a new DNA copy
process by which DNA directs synthesis of an RNA copy
the sum of DNA in a chormosome consitiues the...
complete set of chromosomes in an organism
after cell division, a chromosmes is made up of one [ ], but but after dna replication there are two, which then seperate during cell division
site where a pair of chromatids remain joined after DNA replication, and also the site where chromatids attach to the mitotic spindle.
prevent the loss of DNA from the ends of chromosomes during replication
most abundant DNA associated protein
negative chaeged amino acids
positive charged amino acids
neutral amino acids
end of the polypeptide chain with a free carboxylic group
end of polypeptide chain with a free NH2 group
structure: secquence of amino acids
structure: local folding of a poly peptide
structure: the way in which the chain is folded
Structure: means of organization and contacts of multiple chains in a protein
protein folding is facilitated by...
C=O of one amino acid forms a hydrogen bonday with the N-H of an amino acid
bonds of N-H and C=O between adjacent amino acids. drawn as N-->C
simple combinations of a few secondary structures elements in particular spatiol arrangments. useful for binding an ion to another molecule
parts of poly peptide chains that can independantly fold into stable structures
enzymes that adds phosphate to the hydroxyl groups of a particular residue
enzymes that remove phophates
molecules or ions that protein can bind to are called ther...
proteins that bind other molecules and send signals in cells, move their ligands into the cell, or attach cells to surfaces
tightness of binding between two molcules by the equilibrium constant of their dissociation is represented by
proteins made by vertebrea made to defend themseves against infection
makes antibodies
bind antibodies on the surface of white blood cells
substances recognized by antibodies
antibody proteins are called
arms of the Y shaped IgG that binds antigens
the tail of the Y shaped IgG that transports IgG antibodies from mother to young
IgG is comprised of 4 chains: 2[ ] and 2[ ]
the amino terminal domains of the heavy and light chains in each fab region are called the ... they make up the binding sites for antigens
provide ligand binding sites of some proteins
pros group that carries oxygen in red blood cells
mutation of one amino acid the the hemoglobin seuence. makes red blood cells fragile

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