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structure joins alpha helices (pri, sec, tert, quat)
enzyme catalysed reactions ONLY differ from non catalyzed by
negative delta G means energy is being [ ], directing the reaction [ ]
hexokinase molecular mass
extreme halophile archea are found in..
hydrogen bonds form between
dehydrogenation process can be describes as ..
delta S represents [ ] of reaction
antigen binds to
name for the structure that forms transiently during a chemical reaction that has the highest gibbs enerdy of any reaction intermediate
as Kd increases, affinity... and visa versa
NAD+ --> NADH = [reduction/ oxidation]
unit of legnth closest to typical human cell
mitochondria are present in which cells ONLY
the substiution for one amino acid for a different amino acid in a ploy peptide will change which structures
gram-postive bacterium is enclosed by...
which amino acid has a side chain that forms a ring covalently onded to its alpha amino group
catabolism is the part of metabolism in which [ ] molecules are converted into [ ] molecules
substrate binding changes the shape of the active site, process called...
how many high energy bonds does a molecules of ATP have
peptide bonds
when Mg reacts with Cl, Mg looses how many electrons, and what is the final charge
where fo allosteric inhibitor and activators bind enyzmes
advantage of gradual oxidation of glucose during cellular respiration
in eukaryotic cells, eficient oxidation of glucose requires oxygen but cross how many membranes
activation energy is required for...
antibody binds to [ ] to form a complex
in negative feedback controll, a build up of [ ] decreases the actiivy of an enzym
charge [+/-] of histidine needed for igG binding
hydrogen bonds stabilize all levels of protein structure except for
what component of a cell would be found in an insoluble pellet by centrafuge
activation energy of an enzyme catalyzed reaction is [lower/higher] then that of uncatalyzed reaction, and a [smaller/larger] amount of molecules have the energy to overcome is...
IgG are connected with [ ] bonds
each pH unit represents (fraction) of Hs
how many protein subunits is hempglobin made of
chain of repearting carbon and nitrogen atoms linked by peptide bonds in a protein
phosphorylation is when phostphate is ..
in ionic bonds [ ] are transfered between atoms
micrometers --> nanometers
enzymes that catalyz the transfer of phosphate groups from ATP to amino acid side chains
which cells contain lysozomes
antibodies make [ , ] bonds
structure of amino acid needs ...
NADH oxidized form

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