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Forced Order
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Edward's tiny sisterA
Jacob's second nameB
Charlie's occupation in ForksC
What college did Edward want Bella to go to?D
A previous quileute chiefE
A film Bella, Mike and Jacob went to see in New Moon (film)F
Carlisle said he would turn Bella after what?G
Rosalie and Jasper's second nameH
Where Bella and Edward went for their honeymoonI
Bella's talkative girl friendJ
Member of the Amazonian covenK
Siobhan's mateL
Jacob and Bella rebuilt these in new moonM
Peter, Charlotte, Mary and Randall are all ............N
Bella's first zombie monthO
The city Bella, Jessica and Angela went shopping to in Twilight (Book)P
Victoria's right hand man when building the armyR
How many people were invited to Bella's graduation partyS
Bella and Edwards wedding was set for August the .........T
Sam's second nameU
A powerful vampire covenV
What book has Bella read several times?W
The first name of the actor playing RileyX
The colour of the Porsche Alice stole in ItalyY
Illusion creating vampireZ

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