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In which location did Kate, Charlie and Locke find 'Adam and Eve'
The country Jin and Sun are from
What was the name of the dharma station where Ethan took Claire
In which Dharma station did the 'Tailies' found a glass eye
In which country do we see Charlotte examining a set of polar bear remains
Which city does Charlie Pace originate from?
In which Dharma station is the toxic gas loacted
Which Florida city is included in the title of an episode
In which country did Shannon live for a short period of her life
In which Dharma station did Paulo hide the diamonds
In the episode 'Confirmed Dead', we see Frank Lapidus watching a broadcast about the discovery of Flight 815.In which country is Frank at this moment
Which country did Mikhail Bakunin claim to be from
Where did Leslie Arzt get blown up

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