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Reason for Being on Flight 815!
Flying to Sydney to find a loved one 
This person is being Deported from Australia 
Leaving Australia after murdering Howard L. Zukerman for his 8 million dollars worth of diamonds.(female) 
Leaving Australia after murdering Howard L. Zukerman for his 8 million dollars worth of diamonds.(male) 
In custody of U.S. Marshal. Being extradited to United States. 
Originally went to Australia to find his sister and get her out of what he thought was an abusive relationship. 
Went to Sydney with Christian Shephard to be his bodyguard and drinking buddy. 
Returning to NY after traveling to Australia to get his son. 
Returning from seeing a faith healer in the Australian Outback 
On a business trip delivering expensive watches 
Accompanying her Husband on a business trip 
Flying to LA to give up her baby for adoption. 
Traveling back to America to live with his father 
Returning home from failed walkabout tour in Australia. 
Returning From visiting his brother 
Returning home from trip to see Sam Toomey in Australia 
Traveling back to LA with her step-brother after being dumped by her boyfriend 
Returning home after recovering his father's body in Australia. 
How They Ended up on The island!
Boat Wreck on Science Trip 
Came by Sub to Work as a Fertility doctor 
Boat Wreck in a race 
Came via the freighter 
Crashed in a hot air balloon 
Came by slave ship 
Born on the island 

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