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Forced Order
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What was Bernards Profession?
Jack is a surgeon. What part of the body is he specialised in?
What type of doctor is Juliet?
Who was the others surgeon?
Who was a secondary school science teacher?
Who was in 'Expose'?
What kind of scientist is Daniel Faraday?
What type of Psychiatrist was Elizabeth Smith (Libby)?
What type of company did Locke work for?
Who was a police officer?
Jin worked at a hotel. What was his job there?
At what fast food place did Hurley work at before he won the lottery?
What type of officer was Sayid in the Republican Guard?
Who was a lance corporal in the British Army?
Who did Miles Straume talk to in his profession?
What did Shannon instruct people in?
Boone was a qualified what?
Who had the same profession as their father?
Who worked in the same area as their mother?
Who worked with their brother?
Who worked in construction and art?
Who was a con man?

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