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Forced Order
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This character met Desmond while jogging in a stadium.
This character went to the same mental institute as Hurley
This character called Charlie a hero
This character acted as a bodyguard for Christian Shephard
Ana had a drink with this character in the airport before the flight
This character has a connection with the psychic Claire went to see
Where did Sawyer pass Boone
Whose father had an accident with Jacks ex wife, Sarah
Who inspects a house which Nadia, Sayid's girlfriend, is thinking about buying
In whose office is a painting by Claires ex boyfriend seen
What does Libby give to Desmond before the crash
Who connects Jack and Claire
Who walks into Christian Shephards open car door in Australia
Whose mother works in a diner where Sawyer goes to meet a business partner
Who sleeps with the women who pulls Hurley's winning lottery numbers
When Jin delivers a message for Mr Paik, who can be seen on the recipients TV screen
When Hurley is rushing to catch the flight, who complains from within an elevator

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