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A: Name of the choclate bar found on the island
B: Kate-centric season 1 episode
C: What Jack and Charlie get trapped in during the episode 'The Moth', season 1
D: What the Nigerian Plane contains
E: Full name of Libby
F: Sawyers favourite nickname for Kate
G: Last name of Horace
H: Place where majority of lost is filmed
I: Season 3 episode where we see Kate marry a policeman
J: The name of Sun and Jins baby Girl
K: The city in which Sawyer lived when his parents were killed
L: Famous Jack quote from season 1
M: The hometown of Charlie
N: Last name of Bernard
O: ...........Flight 815
P: Name of Widmore's daughter
Q: The mark on the forest floor in season two helping Locke to find the plane and the dharma station. Also the name of that episode
R: Sawyers nickname for Ana-lucia
S: The psychiatric hospital Hurley was in
T: What Bernard was found in after the crash
U: Where is the Looking Glass
V: Statue found in the nigerian plane
W: Name of the book Sawyer is reading in the episode 'Confidence Man'
X: Season 6 episode containing the capital letter X
Y: Name of the actress playing Sun
Z: This was studied by the Dharma initiative at the Hydra station

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