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Can you name the The Inheritence Cycle Characters?

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The Varden
The first leader of the varden in the books 
King of Surda 
Blessed/cursed by Eragon 
Member of Du Vrangr Gata 
Second in command of the varden 
Strange Herbalist 
We first meet this character in Teirm 
Served with Roran throughout his missions 
Second leader of the varden in the books 
Roran's commander in his first mission 
Commander of one of Rorans missions 
Characters from Du Weldenvarden
The elven ambassador 
Queen of Du Weldenvarden 
This elf dueled with Eragon every day of his training 
The elven smith who makes all riders swords 
This elf helped protect the elven ambassador 
This elf helped protect the elven ambassador 
One of the elven spellcasters sent to the varden in 'Brisingr'. 
A white raven who speaks only in riddles 
Characters from the Beor Mountains
Second dwarf king in the books 
First dwarf ing in the books 
Head priest of the Dwarves 
Orders the assassination of Eragon in Tronjheim 
This rider's dragon was killed 
Main character 
Main character 
Helped Eragon reach the varden 
Red male dragon 
King of the empire 
The kings right hand man 
The kings dragon 
Characters from Carvahall
Lead the village of Carvahall to Surda 
Killed in Carvahall by the Razac in 'Eragon' 
Kidnapped by the Razac 
Murdered a Carvahall watchman 
Carvahall's blacksmith 
Mother that left her child to be raised by her brother in Carvahall 
The healer in Carvahall 
Pregnant women from Carvahall 
Shoemaker in Carvahall 
Carpenter for Carvahall 
Brewer killed in Carvahall 
One of the blacksmiths sons 
She vowed to take revenge for her husbands death 
Carvahall watchman killed by a Carvahall resident 
Farmer who's son was killed  
Farmers son killed in Carvahall 
He owned the tavern in Carvahall 
He gambled with the sailors on the barges 
One of the blacksmiths sons 
One of the men killed by the Razac in Carvahall 
After his father was killed, he killed an imperial soldier 
The wife of the owner of the tavern 
These killed Brom and several Carvahall residents 
He tortured Arya in 'Eragon' 
He owned the Barges the villagers used 
Challenged the leader of the varden to the trial of the long knives 
Handmaiden of the leader of the varden 
Wife of Jeod 
Young messanger boy for the council of elders 
Leader of a tribe of Kull allied with the Varden 
Mad magician eragon comes across in 'Brisingr'. 

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