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Voldemort's Uncle 
Can you name the two known squibs? (alphabetical order, full names ) 
The name of Cedric Diggory's father 
Full name of the witch who told Umbridge about the DA 
A witch who can turn into a beetle 
Author of the standard book of spells 
This gambler was suspected of being a death eater but was cleared of the charges 
Full name of the history of magic professer 
What house was moaning Myrtle in? 
An Unspeakable killed by Devils snare 
In OP, Arthur Weasley states that there is an exploding toilet in which part of London? 
One of the places Harry and Hermione camp in DH: Forest of............... 
The location of Borgin and Burkes 
Harry, Ron and Hermione apparate here from Bill and Fleur's wedding in DH 
Dudleys Secondary school 
Bill and Fleurs cottage is on the outskirts of this village? 
The street in Little Whinging where Mrs Figg lives 
The Street where Harry first saw Sirius (in dog form) 
The county where Malfoy Manor is located 
The prison built by Gellert Grindelwald 
Spells and Potions!
A charm to confuse opponents 
This solution reduces somethings size 
This spell blasts solid objects out of the casters path 
Harry's signature spell 
Charm Harry and Hagrid use to put out the fire in Hagrids hut 
Conjures a flock of birds 
A hex Slughorn states Ginny is particularly good at 
This incantation is needed to turn an object into a portkey 
The incantation to conjure the dark mark 
Spell that cuts something open 
Ginny has one called Arnold 
Hagrid gives them to the class to find gold in the ground 
They are native to Cornwall, bright electric blue in colour and very Mischeivous, as the DADA class found out in their second yr 
Fire dwelling lizard that feeds on flame 
Hagrids half brother 
The name of a Centaur beginning with R 
The goblin that travelled with Dirk Cresswell, Ted Tonks and Dean Thomas in DH(not Griphook) 
The blood of this creature kept Voldemort alive 
These creatures throw handfuls of fire when angry 
They look like miniature stickmen 
The school motto: never.........a sleeping........ 
You have to answer a question/riddle to get into this houses common room 
The entrance to this house common room is near the kitchens 
According to the Marauders map, how many passageways are there out of the grounds? 
How many greenhouses are we aware of? 
In which direction from the castle is the lake? 
A branch of magic that is concerned with the magical properties of numbers 
The first password to Dumbledores office we learn 
Dumbledores office is on what floor, behind a statue of what? 
In the OP, the entrance to the Room of Requirement lies opposite a tapestry of......................the barmy 
The Muggle World!
The muggle caretaker of the Riddle house 
The matron of Tom Riddles orphanage 
Quidditch world cup Diggory's camp ground manager 
The first name of Dudley's best friend 
The school Harry was going to go to before he found out he was a wizard 
The name of Vernon's drill firm 
In what county is Little Whinging? 
The muggle street the Leaky Cauldron is on 
What Hermione's parents do for a living 
In the SS/PS, Vernon is watching a news report. The reporter reports the strange behaviour of the owls and what other strange thing in the sky? 
What charm did Cedric use to breathe underwater in the triwizard tournament's second task? 
What Quidditch team did Ludo Bagman used to play for? 
The village where Harry and Dumbledore went to recruit Slughorn (HBP) 
Before Harry, who was the last Gryffindor seeker to win them a match? 
A lot of Ron's things are second hand: robes, wand and rat. Who did these items previously belong to? 
Mrs Weasley's favourite singer 
Remus Lupin's middle name 
Who is the older brother, Sirius or Regulus? 
Where was Mr Weasley when Harry saw him get bit by Nagini? (OP) 
A married couple who were part of the original Order of the Phoenix but not the second order (first names only, not Lily and James) 

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