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Forced Order
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She threw herself off a bridge
His head was split in two by a headspade
Torn in half
Stabbed in the back with pruning shears
Accidently shot himself
Hung in her home, with red ink in her eyes
Gets decapitated while caught in a trap
Shot by 2 arrows
Stabbed with a boarding knife at the bottom of a cliff
Hung by a rope connected to his truck
Stabbed on the docks
Impaled by a harpoon then tied to a tree
Impaled through the right eye with a memo holder
Cut in half and left in a tunnel under the Candlewick Inn
Hung outside the Cannery
Stabbed by her fiance
His face is shot off by a shotgun attached to the base of his boat
Hacked to bits. His remains were burned in the furnace
Falls into a ditch, then burned alive
Stabbed in the Cannery
Stabbed in the throat then thrown of a bridge
Stabbed then crucified in the Cannery
Tied to the bottom of a boat and dismembered by the propeller
Stabbed by his son

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