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'Forty-two to twenty-one! Like the turkey, Ross is done!'
'Okay, how many of that girl are you seeing?'
'Okay, but taking care of a drunk, naked woman seems like a job for Joey'.
'No, when you put your feet up in my bed, you tugged on my catheter.'
'Please apologise to Sandy and the Snufflebumps for me.'
'I don't know, I kinda like Bob for a girl.'
'I’m going to need a bigger boat.'
'Oh yeah, that's right, look I got us a new goldfish. He's a lot fiestier than the last one.'
'Yes, yes, Bombay is bery, bery nice time of year.'
'I mean if-if you're thinking it's a woman's bag, it's not. It's a man's bag!'
'That you and daddy were not on a break.'
'Not as upset as he's gonna be when he finds out what I did with his sweater vests!'
'Okay, I’m going to need a comforter, but did you have a hypoallergenic one because otherwise I get very nasal.'
'Okay, I don't think it's going to pivot anymore.'
'How many times have I told you guys, you never watch the cooking channel!'
'So we were wondering if you could be the girl that we could put it into.'
'The sheer volume, it was like flying with the Riddler!'
'He called the Long Island Expressway a concrete miracle.'
' Yeah, no kidding, this just proves no good can come from having sex with Ross!'
'Why did you change it, Ella was so much prettier!'
'Oh, yeah, well I already did that! They said they’re gonna look into it right after they solved all the murders.'
'I thought it would be fun if the third groomsman was my family dog. Chappy. '
'Ross, maybe I should've specified that I'd be needing a grown up doctor.'
'What kind of scary-ass clowns came to your birthday?'
'Hey Rach, while you're in there, throw something on Alicia Mae.'

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