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QUIZ: Can you name the Disney song which the lyric is a part of?

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Forced Order
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LyricSong or MovieLyric Sung By
Out of service, Out of Africa, I wouldn't hang about!Zazu
Each little snail here, know how to wail here, that's why it's hotter under the waterSebastian
She runs around in circles till she's very, very dizzy...Jack
My love for you will always burnHelen Reddy
Shines in the night for you[no specific character]
It's our problem free philosophyTimon and Pumbaa
Drip Drip Drop little [song title][no specific character]
Though I think he's rather tasty[no specific character]
What would I give if I could live up on the sandAriel
Willy, Nilly, Silly, Old Bear[no specific character]
The simple [song title] of lifeBaloo
Ho Hum the tune is dumb and the words don't mean a thingThe 7 Dwarfs
[song title] your dreams come true.Jiminy Cricket
[movie title] and Little John were walking through the forestAlan-a-Dale
Course by course, one by one, till you shout 'Enough, I'm Done!'Lumiere
[song title] for what *For the Death of the king* Why? Is he sick? *No, you fool, we're going to kill him!*Scar and Banzai
But when we come home in victory they'll be lined up at the door. *What do we want?* [song title]Chinese Army
Everybody digs a swingin' catThomas O'Malley
Where Chaos reigned and earthquakes and volcanoes never sleptThe Muses
When the moment has passed, will that friendship last?Big Mama

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