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Can you name the Nickelodeon Shows from the 90's?

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CluesShowshow type
Monsters, Toe NailsCartoon
Brothers, GingersLive Action
Pizza Face, Laurie Beth Denburg, Good BurgerSketch Comedy
Dolls, Weird Hair, WindowsEarly Childhood
Penelope, The Girls RoomSketch Comedy
Dams, ANGERCartoon
Transformations, animals, Ear WormsLive Action
Spooky Tales, CampfireLate Night
2 domestic animals combinedCartoon
Sabrina Star, Liberal Window PolicyLive Action
Puppet cousinNormal Show
Skeeter, Mayonaise, FunnyCartoon
Dolls, Dragons, Bats, and WitchesEarly Childhood
Summer Sanders, Kids inventions, Nick Celeb Guest ContestantsGame Show
Football Head, HelgaCartoon
Dude RanchLive Action
CluesShowshow type
Go, Go, GadgetEarly Childhood
Fairly Odd Parents, Action Team Now, and Chalk ZoneSketch Cartoon Comedy
Orange SodaLive Action
Temple Guards, Blue BarracudasGame Show
'Don't hold your breathe...''Live Action
Asian, MysteryReality/Education
Happy Happy Joy JoyCartoon
Reggie, Twister, Squid, OttoCartoon
Wallaby/Dingo, Heffer WolfeCartoon
Babies, AngelicaCartoon
Camp AnawannaLive Action
Chemicals, Silver Puddle, ElectricityLive Action
''Absorbent and Yellow and Pourous is He''Cartoon
Slime, Games/Obstacles, Different Colored Shirts per TeamGame Show
Talk to Animals, Monkey, Comvee Cartoon

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