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HintSongYear Released
First song to chart ever for Destiny's Child in the US, Wyclef Jean helped produce it and was featured, Was released as the remix to the original song 1997
First song for Destiny's Child to go #1, Mixed responses over the lyrics meant to be empowering for women, Music video was shot in a salon1999
Destiny's Child song regarding a bothersome significant other1999
Second song for Destiny's Child to go #1, Most successful single from the 'The Writing's on the Wall', Video featured two new members; all of which were posing in different scenes 2000
Last single from 'The Writing's on the Wall', Borrows its chorus' melodic structure from a 1998 Sean Paul song2000
Beyonce helped write and produce this hit song, Was on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack2000
Again Beyonce helped write and compose this hit song, inspired by the reality show 'Survivor'2001
A song that taunted a man, suggested that he was not ready for her voluptuous body2001
Beyonce's first single by herself, went to #1 on the charts, featured her husband as of now2003
R&B-reggae song, featured Sean Paul, went to #1 on the charts2003
About dealing with a cheating boyfriend and learning from the consequences, She sings about who she would have in the end2004
Last single off 'Dangerously in Love', the music video featured Beyonce dancing 'naughtily' to Usher2004
First single released off of Destiny's Child's 'Destiny Fulfilled', had drum beats similar to a marching band2004
Featured T.I., and Lil Wayne, Remix of the song contained a sample of 'Soulja Boys Crank That'2004
Third single of 'Destiny Fulfilled', was a slow song about each of the members consoling each other over boyfriend problems2005
Last single of ''Destiny Fulfilled', slow song that came out around the same time as 'Girl', the groups last high-charting single to date2005
Beyonce's single that was released on the #1's album for Destiny's Child, featured Slim Thug, was produced for 'The Pink Panther' film2005
First single off of 'B'day', featured Jay-Z, lyrics refer to a woman being constantly reminded of a past lover2006
Second single off B'day, Aggressive tone about a threatened woman with her cheating man2006
HintSongYear Released
One of Beyonce's most well known songs after 'Crazy in Love', third single off of 'B'day', lyrics refer to breaking up with an unfaithful man and replacing him2006
Song written for 'Dreamgirls', Beyonce sang it in the movie2007
Collaboration with Shakira, lyrics are about being charmed by the same man; instead of fighting they both agree he is not worth their time2007
B'Day's seventh and final single, Music Video feautured Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Solange Knowles and was an extended dance mix of the song2007
Another song from B'day that got charted, lyrics about giving it the go2007
First single off of 'I Am... Sasha Fierce', song deals with the way she wants her man to act by putting herself in his shoes2008
Beyonce's second single, became # 1, the music video featured Beyonce and two dancers performing complex choreography2008
Third Single, similar to Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' beat-wise, The video also featured a dance with two backup dancers, Beyonce proclaims her star status2009
4th single, similar to Kelly Clarkson's 'Already Gone', She compares her man to an angel2009
5th single, spoke about her persona and the way she acts, Kanye West was featured on the remix2009
6th single, talked about nightmares and dreams2009
Collaboration with Lady Gaga off of 'Sasha Fierce' about using one's phone2009
A second Collaboration off of Lady Gaga's 'Fame Monster' that had a close to 10 minute music video, also about one's phone2009
Last single off 'I Am.. Sasha Fierce', Was added as a bonus track, Video featured Beyonce as a 50's house wife2010
First single off Beyonce's fourth album '4', dance track sampling Major Lazer's 'Pon de floor'2011
Second single off of '4', similiar to 'Irreplaceable', Talks about something she never had2011
Third single off '4', uses numbers and video shows her baby bump, 'boof'2011
Fourth single off '4', Was performed before Beyonce revealed she was pregnant2011

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