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Episode NumberEpisode NameHint
S1 E1The First One
S1 E2Three Parties in Three Nights
S1 E3Ted and Barney go to Philadephia
S1 E4Ted dates his ex
S1 E5Robin's VIP list at a club
S1 E6Halloween
S1 E7Love Solutions
S1 E8Marshall stabs Lily
S1 E9Thanksgiving at the Eriksens
S1 E10Who's in Ted's bed?
S1 E11New Year's Eve
S1 E12Stuart and Claudia's big day
S1 E13Ted kisses Victoria
S1 E14Barney goes 'barepickle'
S1 E15Marshgammon
S1 E16Victoria's going to Germany
S1 E17Marshall works with Barney
S1 E18Ted's Mum's saying
S1 E19She's not a prostitute
S1 E20Can they play our song?
S1 E21Lily's secret interview
S1 E22Ted gets Robin, Lily Leaves
S2 E1Marshall sulks after Lily leaves
S2 E2Barney takes Marshall to a college bar
S2 E3Ted's Parents Visit
S2 E4 'Architects are sexy'
S2 E5Marshall and Brad
S2 E6Lily Works with Ted
S2 E7Crazy Eyes
S2 E8Marshall and Lily elope
S2 E9Let's go to the Mall
S2 E10Barney's brother visits
S2 E11'Grinch'
S2 E12The Empire State Building
S2 E13Ted fires Hammond
S2 E14The Superbowl
S2 E15Why Ted missed his flight
S2 E16Gifts from former relationships
S2 E17Marshall's car dies
S2 E18Barney kidknaps Ted
S2 E19Stripper breaks her ankle
S2 E20Barney on The Price is Right
S2 E21Marshall and Lily's Wedding
S2 E22Ted and Robin break up
S3 E1Ted gets a tramp stamp
S3 E2Barney thinks that Tourists get girls
S3 E3Ted goes for the belt
S3 E4Robin gets dumped by a 6 year old
S3 E5Blah Blah hears how they all met
S3 E6Porn star Ted
S3 E7Marshall and Lily buy an apartment
S3 E8The gang's annoying habits
S3 E9Marshall's new holiday
S3 E10Rhonda doesn't remember Barney
S3 E11Never ever ever love thy neighbour
S3 E12St Patrick's day
S3 E13Ted tries to woo Stella
S3 E14Who keeps sabotaging Barney's plays
S3 E15Only shout at those below you
S3 E16Robin and Barney hook up
S3 E17Ted gets beaten up by an animal
S3 E18Barney wingmans Randy
S3 E19Lily sells her stuff
S3 E20Barney gets run over
S4 E1Is Ted rushing things with Stella?
S4 E2Regis and Marshall search for food
S4 E3Where should Ted and Stella live?
S4 E4The gang hold way too many of these
S4 E5Ted and Stella's Wedding
S4 E6 The fallout from the wedding
Episode NumberEpisode NameHint
S4 E7Barney celebrates pregnancy scare
S4 E8Lily's colleague is a woo girl
S4 E9Mitch's move- works 2/3 times
S4 E10Ted gets punched by Doug
S4 E11Marshall takes Robin to his favourite bar
S4 E12Ted and Robin keep it casual
S4 E13Lily brings Marshall beer
S4 E14Where the impossible meets the possible
S4 E15Betty and Tyler
S4 E16Lily has ended Ted's relationships
S4 E17Lily's test of Ted's girlfriends
S4 E18Robin's celebrity sex story
S4 E19I'm getting too old for this stuff
S4 E20Ted hires PJ as his assistant
S4 E21Barney and Marshall text Ted
S4 E22Barney hits 200
S4 E23Speeding Tickets
S4 E24Get to the other building's roof
S5 E1Barney and Robin discuss their relationship
S5 E2Ted has already dated his blind date before
S5 E3Ted teaches Barney an evening class
S5 E4Girls keep crashing on Ted's couch
S5 E5Is Robin Canadian or American?
S5 E6The new neighbours upstairs are loud
S5 E7Barney and Robin break up
S5 E8Barney's bible for scoring women
S5 E9 Mickey slaps Barney
S5 E10The girl next door is available
S5 E11Let's stop smoking
S5 E12Barney in casual clothes
S5 E13Marshall's female co-worker kisses him
S5 E147 girls, 7 days
S5 E15Robin is unsure of whether she likes Don
S5 E16I can't be with you... Right now
S5 E17Barney sets up 'the superdate'
S5 E18Lily's birthday photo
S5 E19Marshall gets mugged by a monkey
S5 E20Ted buys a house
S5 E21Lily and Marshall get separate beds
S5 E22Ted's doppelganger is seen
S5 E23No Can Doosville, baby doll
S5 E24Is that Barney?
S6 E1Flash forward to a wedding in the future
S6 E2Barney's Mum moves house
S6 E3Ted agrees to design the GNB building
S6 E4Race to see Woody Allen
S6 E5Ted meets Zoe, who loves the Arcadian
S6 E6Ted dates Becky, who speaks like a child
S6 E7Marshall fires someone, then feels bad
S6 E8Barney Did knock the whale off the ceiling
S6 E9Two Beavers are better than one
S6 E10The curse of missing out on things
S6 E11Marshall wants Robin to stay as a manatee
S6 E12Lily thinks she's pregnant
S6 E13Marshall and Lily go to a fertility doctor
S6 E14Marvin's funeral
S6 E15Zoe introdues Ted to her cousin
S6 E16The day before Valentine's
S6 E17Marshall gets Meaker fired
S6 E18The gang go to see a cardiologist
S6 E19Barney meets his Father
S6 E20Marshall quits GNB and Barney is upset
S6 E21Barney and Jerry go clubbing
S6 E22Robin and LiIly get Barney and Marshall drunk
S6 E23The Arcadian Hearing
S6 E24Ted blows up the Arcadian
S7 E1Punchy's Wedding
S7 E2Beercules
S7 E3Barney's bet over cooking techniques
S7 E4Robin's therapy
Episode NumberEpisode NameHint
S7 E5Ted takes his class to see the GNB tower
S7 E6Should Ted google his date?
S7 E7Similarities between parents and spouses
S7 E8Her real name is Naomi
S7 E9Hurricane Irene
S7 E10Barney dumps Nora, Robin stays with Kevin
S7 E11Robin is pregnant
S7 E12Marshall is stuck on the roof
S7 E13Marshall visits his Dad's grave
S7 E14Marshall and Lily move to Long Island
S7 E15Marshall and Lily's housewarming party
S7 E16To enjoy it, you have to be drunk
S7 E17Marshall and Lily have lots of bets
S7 E18Barney hangs out at Quinn's work
S7 E19Barney makes Ted promise to keep a secret
S7 E20Where will they be in 3 years time?
S7 E21Ted in a sun dress
S7 E22Barney takes Marshall to A.C.
S7 E23Lily gives birth
S7 E24Barney Proposes
S8 E1Victoria's Wedding to Klaus
S8 E2Barney and Quinn Break up
S8 E3Mickey Looks After Marvin
S8 E4Who Gets Marvin?
S8 E5Victoria Leaves Ted
S8 E6Robin Dumps Nick
S8 E7Marshall endorses Brad
S8 E8In the Court
S8 E9Robin wants what she can't have
S8 E10Barney dates Patrice
S8 E11Barney's going to propose
S8 E12Barney and Robin get engaged
S8 E13Choosing the Wedding Music
S8 E14Robin wants free drinks again
S8 E15Robin Daggers
S8 E16Jeanette
S8 E17The Captain Hires Lily
S8 E18Barney teaches Ted plays
S8 E19Where will Robin and Barney Live?
S8 E20Return of the Coat Check Girl
S8 E21The Captain is Moving
S8 E22Barney's Bachelor Party
S8 E23Digging for the Locket
S8 E24We finally see the Mother
S9 E1Ted searching for his Wedding Gift
S9 E2Marshall needs to get home
S9 E3Things to do before moving to Chicago
S9 E4Barney confronts Ted
S9 E5Robin wins James's ring
S9 E6Ted must choose a date
S9 E7Erasing Marshall's text message
S9 E8Ted proposes to the mother
S9 E9Are Ted and Robin platonic?
S9 E10Lorretta and Jerome?
S9 E11Marshall gets Marvin to sleep
S9 E12The laser tag place
S9 E13Ted punches Darryl
S9 E14Only one more left
S9 E15Barney gets 'Truth Serum' drunk
S9 E16The opposite view
S9 E17Ballooon Girl
S9 E18Stinson's Magical Hangover Fixer Elixir
S9 E19Robin's Mum arrives
S9 E20Where did Lily go?
S9 E21I love/hate that guy
S9 E22The Wedding
S9 E23The divorce
S9 E24The end

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