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Can you name the Battles from '100 Decisive Battles From Ancient Times to the Present'??

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HintBattle Name
Egypt over the Kadesh Alliance (1479 B.C.)
Persia over Lydia (546 B.C.)
Greece over Persia (490 B.C.)
Greece over Persia (Sea Battle, 480 B.C.)
Syracuse over Athens (415-413 B.C.)
Thebes over Sparta (371 B.C.)
Macedon over Greek Alliance (338 B.C.)
Greece (Macedon) over Persia (331 B.C.)
Allied (under Seleucus) over Antigonid (310 B.C.)
Rome over Carthage (207 B.C.)
Han over Ch'u (203 B.C.)
Rome over Carthage (202 B.C.)
Rome over Macedon (168 B.C.)
Rome over the Celts/Galls (52 B.C.)
Caesar over Pompey (48 B.C.)
Caesar Octavius over Marcus Antonius (Sea Battle, 31 B.C.)
Germans over Rome (9 A.D.)
Rome over Judeans (66 A.D.)
Galls (under Constantine) over Italians (312 A.D.)
Goths over Rome (378 A.D.)
Rome over the Huns (451)
Byzantines over Vandals (533)
Medina (under Mohammed) over Mecca (624)
Byzantines over Moslem (715-718)
Franks over Moslems (732)
Franks over Lombards (773-774)
Germans over Magyars (955)
Normans over English (1066)
Turks over Byzantines (1071)
Crusaders over Moslems (1099)
Moslems (under Saladin) over Crusaders (1187)
Moslem Afghans over Rajputs (1192)
France over Germanic (1214)
Mamluks over Mongols (1260)
HintBattle Name
Mongols over Sung (1268-1273)
Japan over Mongolia (1274, 1281)
Turks over Byzantines (1317-1326)
English over French (1346)
French over English (1429)
Turks over Byzantines (1453)
Castile over Moors (1491)
Spain over Aztecs (1521)
Moghul over Hindustani (1526)
Austrians over Ottoman Turks (1529)
Spain over Incan Empire (1532)
Allied (Spain, Venice) over Turks (Sea Battle, 1571)
England over Spain (Sea Battle, 1588)
Japan: Eastern Army over Western Army
Sweden over Holy Roman Empire
Sino-Manchu over Rebels (1644)
England: Parliamentary Forces over Monarchic (1645)
Anglo-French over Spanish (1658)
Allied (mostly British) over French (1704)
Russia over Sweden (1709)
English over Scots (1746)
India: England over France (1757)
Canada: England over France (1759)
Americans over Hessians (1776)
Americans over British (1777)
Americans over British (1781)
French over Austro-Prussians (1792)
France over Austria (1797)
Egypt: Britain over France (Sea Battle, 1798)
Britain over France (Sea Battle, 1805)
France over Prussia (1806)
Indiana Militia over American Indians (1811)
Russia over France (1812)
Allied (Prussia, Austria, Russia) over France (1813)
HintBattle Name
British over French (1815)
South Americans over Spain (1824)
Texas over Mexico (1836)
United States over Mexico (1847)
Union over Confederate (1862)
Union over Confederate (1863)
Union Campaign under Sherman(1864)
Prussia over France (1870)
British over Egyptians (1882)
United States over Spain (Sea Battle, 1898)
Japan over Russia (1905)
Japan over Russia (Sea Battle, 1905)
Western Allies over Germany (1914)
Stalemate Germany vs. France (1916)
Russian Offensive against Austria-Hungary (1916)
Western Allies over Germany (1918)
Poland over Russia (1920)
Germany over Poland (1939)
British evacuation from France (1940)
German bombing campaign over British Isles (1940)
Russia over Germany (1941)
Japan over United States (Air/Sea Battle, 1941)
SE Asia: Japan over Britain (1942)
Pacific: United States over Japan (1942)
Western Allies over Germany (1944)
Pacific: United States over Japan (1945)
Jewish forces over Arabic (technically a war, 1948-1949)
China: Communists over Nationalists
United States over North Korea (1950)
Viet Minh over French (1953-1954)
North Vietnamese Campaign against South Vietnam/United States (1968)
Coalition Forces over Iraq (1991)

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