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What HW is the stone boundary between England and Scotland?
What HK reverted to China in 1997?
What SB is an obstacle in golf?
What BV is a form of unrhymed poetry?
What LC are non-capital letters?
What RH is a false lead?
What SAS means spotlessly clean and tidy?
What 'P' does the Colorado beetle attack?
What MS came 'Out of Africa' in 1985?
What TW is a US TV series set in the depression years?
What WP was originally called 'Soccer in the Water'?
What KC was a musician who died of anorexia nervosa?
What HCMC was formerly known as Saigon?
What CCM is a Chinese poultry and noodle dish?
What GV is considered an 'arty' district of New York city?
What PAC are advantages and disadvantages?
What CG was Archibald Leach's stage name?
What EF was a swashbuckling film star?
What SS is a meteor burning in the Earth's atmosphere?

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