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Hidden Message!TermDescription
Tthe moral or lesson of a story
Iliterary device provoking the senses
Swhen an author uses an object to stand for something greater than itself
Iwhen words or actions contradict what is actually taking place
Sa part represents the whole
Sa comparison using 'like' or 'as'
Pgiving human characteristics to animals or objects
Amaking reference to a well-known work, person, or event.
Rthe part of a story before the climax
Tthe atmosphere of the story established by the author
Arepetition of vowel sounds
Bpoetry with a regular meter but no rhyme
Rthe use of language with persuasive effect
Uform of speech which contains an expression of less strength than what would be expected
Hidden Message!TermDescription
Sthe description of one kind of sensation in terms of another
Han imperfect rhyme
Yyeah, we couldn't think of anything.
Oa figure of speech that combines contradicting terms
Ualso known as an archetype
Rthe part of a story in which the conflict is resolved
Tused in writing, to help keep paragraphs connected (not reaally a literary term, but it's useful for writing essays!)
Ein a story, the presentation of essential information regarding what has occurred prior to the beginning of the story
Ethe continuation of a sentence over a line-break
Ta proposition maintained by an argument (and if you were in Mr.Disney's class, it had to contain the author, title of work, and a literary device)
Hused by authors to provoke entertainment
Ma recurring element in a story that has significance
Athe repetition of particular sounds at the beginning of a series of words
Nthe person who tells the story to the audience
now, type the hidden message! (after the 12th and last letters, add an exclamation point, and a comma after the 26th)now...remember it for your exam!

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