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What band's cover of 'Dead Flowers' is played at the end of the film?
Jesus is played by which actor?
Bunny Lebowski is played by which actress?
What year was The Big Lebowski released?
What is the Dude's favorite drink?
What kind of car follows the Dude around?
What kind of tapes does the Dude leave in his car?
Who plays the stranger/the narrator?
On what date does the Dude write out a check in the beginning of the film?
Who plays the Dude?
Whose homwork is found inside the Dude's car?
What music does the cab driver play that the Dude hates?
What do Walter and the Dude put Donny's ashes into?
What is the name of the porno that stars Bunny Lebowski?
What do the nihlists send to the Big Lebowski to convince him that they have Bunny?
What do the nihlists order in the restaurant?
When does Walter not roll?
What are the Dude's last lines?
What does Donny say when the Dude says, 'You know, It's like Lenin said...'
Who plays Donny?
What is Donny's last name?
How much time did Jesus do in Chino?
Why did Jesus have to tell everyone in his neighborhood?
Who plays Brandt?
Why was the Dude upset when his rug was peed on?
What kind of dog does Walter bring to the bowling alley?
What is the opening song?
Wha band plays the Spanish version of 'Hotel California' used in the film?
What is stolen from the Dude that is the catalyst for the entire movie?
What does The Stranger always order at the bar?

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