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Can you name the answers to these random questions about the New Testament??

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How many books are in the New Testament?
Which gospel was written first?
A gospel-writer is also called what?
What was Jesus' 'last name?'
Did the events in the book of Acts take place before, during, or after the gospels were written down?
What language did Jesus speak?
At the time of Jesus' birth, Palestine was part of what empire?
Which gospel is not a 'synoptic' gospel?
Which of the four gospels portrays Jesus as a 'Suffering Servant?'
Which of the four gospels portrays Jesus as the New Moses?
Which of the four gospels portrays Jesus as the universal Savior (for both Jews AND Gentiles)?
What is the name for the teaching that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Word made Flesh?
Who was the king of Palestine at the time of Jesus' birth?
Who was the emperor at the time of Jesus' birth?
What does the name Jesus mean?
The word Christ comes from 'Christos,' which is the Greek translation of what Hebrew word?

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