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Clue4-Letter Word
*Aladdin - One ___ Ahead*
Node, or raised matter
Asymmetrical walk
Citrus fruit
*Frozen - For the First ___ in Forever*
Ebb and flow of the ocean
*Princess and the Frog - Friends on the Other ___*
King's address
Employ someone
In this place
*Hercules - Zero to ___*
Group of animals
*Jungle Book - The ___ Necessities*
Clue4-Letter Word
Truth or ___
Extremely serious or urgent
Eat dinner
Make a ringing sound
Vocalise music
*Lion King - I Just Can't Wait to be __*
Good or benevolent nature
*Pocahontas - Colours of the ___*
Discover something lost
Of high quality / Thin or narrow
A long thin mark, curved or straight
*Lion King - Circle of ___*
A record of short pieces of information
'___ we forget'
Clue4-Letter Word
*Tangled - Mother Knows ___*
Not straight
Ernie's friend in Sesame Street
Capital of Switzerland
*Hercules - A Star is ___*
*Snow White - Someday my Prince will ___*
Computer (abbrev)
A sudden, illegal seizure of power from a government
A liquid food made from vegetables, meat and/or fish
Opposite of sweet
Flow rapidly in a steady stream
*Little Mermaid - ___ Unfortunate Souls*
*Frozen - Love is an Open ___*

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