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What artist did Arin cover in her predebut video?
Which SNSD member danced with Jiho and fed Jiho on 'We Will Eat Well'?
What is the meme Hyojung desperately wants to become popular?
Which member was on Hit The Stage?
Which member was featured on JTBC's 'Girl Who Eats Well'?
What color highlights did Yooa have during Cupid Era?
What western boy band did Yooa rave on about during a vlive in the car?
What is Arin's surname?
Name a song that OMG covered on a music show during Liar Liar Era
What is YooA's full first name?
'Je T'aime' is a b-side from what album?
What is Binnie's full first name?
Which member is known for being the endorphin (happiness hormone)?
Which member did the Pikachu x Liar Liar 'Take a look at Chu' impression?
What is Seunghee's surname?
Who is the guy in Liar Liar's MV?
Who did not get vocal lines in 'White'?
What is Mimi's full first name?
What was OhMyGirl's first comeback title?
Which member has been called an 'Alien'?
Binnie's father boxed,and her mother was a gymnast. What does her older brother do?
Who is the tallest in OMG?
What is Jiho's famous discord emote?
Which title song did not have Mimi rap?
What is the name of OhMyGirl's 3rd Album?
Why did Yooa cry on Weekly Idol?
Who is the youngest member (maknae) in OMG?
What is Hyojung's surname?
Which song has the longest Mimi rap?
Which member participated on Superstar K2?
What vehicle(s) are in the 'Closer' MV?
What song did OhMyBoy debut with?
What Norazo song did OMG cover?
In the Dog vs Cat episode, `____` was supporting dogs and `____` was supporting cats.
QuestionAnswer Here:
Which song does the photocard illustration with deers refer to?
Name a song/artist that OMG covered on a music show during Aing Era
Which member placed 2nd at JTBC's Girl Spirit?
Which OMG song made Yooa cry to a song for the first time?
Yooa's brother (Yoo JunSun) is a well-known choreographer at what studio?
What is the color of the whale mentioned in 'Liar Liar' and illustrated on the photocard?
Which member takes the longest to wash up?
Who featured in OhMyGirl's Aing?
Name a member who got their birthday misprinted on the 2017 Season's Greetings Calendar
What is the name of OMG's first anime OST?
What was YooA's first name upon birth?
Which members have we seen struggle with water bottles?
Which ISAC activity do OhMyGirl excel at (2 Gold Medals in a row)?
Which two members attend(ed) the school of Performing Arts Seoul
Name a member that has been on King of Masked Singer
What is Hyojung leader's nickname
Name one member who had to bungee jump in OMG Cast 4
Which member is known for their gaze/prominent eyes
Which member had to take a break from activities due to anorexia?
'Stupid In Love' is a b-side from what album?
What song did Seunghee and SoChanWhee perform together?
What did the members wear to race in their 2nd Vlive episode?
What is OMG's fandom called?
How many 'yaya's are there in 'Liar Liar'?
What song did OMG cover on Immortal Songs 2?
What is the name of OMG's PyeongChang Olympics Concert song?
EXID's Hani asked for a signature on weekly idol from which OMG member?
What artist is the remake 'A-ing' based off of?
Which member won the backwards long jump in the 2nd Vlive episode?
What artist did Jiho cover in her predebut video?
What artist(s) did Binnie cover in her predebut video?
Name a song that OMG covered on a music show during Cupid Era
Who is the oldest member in OMG?
Which member participated in 5W1H Ultra Dance Festival?
QuestionAnswer Here:
Which member is known for their lovable and high pitched laugh/squeal? ex:
What artist did Hyojung cover in her predebut video?
What was the song used in Dance Practice 01?
Which member is best at cooking?
What is Jine's full first name?
Which song did B1A4 Jinyoung write for OMG?
Who is OMG's rapper?
What is Jiho's surname?
What is Arin's full first name?
How fast did Jiho eat a bowl of black bean noodles on broadcast?
Which member won the foot race in the 2nd Vlive episode?
Which member is proud of their forehead mole?
What was OhMyGirl's debut song?
What is the name of OMG's intro song on their first album?
When did OhMyGirl debut (yymmdd)?
OhMyGirl is the sister group of B1A4. If OMG followed the same naming convention as B1A4 (blood types); what would their group name be?
Which member gets up the earliest in the morning?
What is the name of OMG's first OST?
How long has JinE been suffering with anorexia?
What is the name of the cat we've seen in their vlives?
'Hot Summer Nights' is a b-side from what album?
Which OMG b-side is based off the novel 'The Little Prince'?
Which arcade game did Yooa/Hyojung show on their twitter?
'Knock Knock' is a b-side from what album?
What artist did Jine cover in her predebut video?
What Taylor Swift song did Yooa cover during a vlive?
What artist did Yooa cover in her predebut video?
What is the name of the alarm app OhMyGirl are on?
What month did OhMyGirl debut in?
'Roundabout' is a b-side from what album?
Which member was a part of B1A4's 'Sweet Girl' MV?
What Beyonce song did Hyojung/Seunghee/Yooa cover?
Who was in a web drama with Baro?

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