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Can you name the LOST Dharma Station?

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Was an Electromagnetic Research and Containment.Where we first met Desmond
Zoological Research Facility.Kate and Sawyer stayed in the cages at this station briefly
Psychological Research and Observation FacilityNikki and Paulo find it first
Developed defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the Hostiles hereWas used as a place to stay by the tail section survivors.
Toxic gas DevelopmentFaraday and Charlotte said it was their primary mission to disable the toxic gas at this station
Underwater Submarine Guidance Facility, Radio Jammer.Charlie dies here
It was a Communication Technology Facility.Now destroyed
Locates when the Island will appear.Eloise Hawking is currently in charge of the station in LA under a church
It is a Medical Research FacilityWas used by the Others.
Space Time Travel Facility. Disguised as a botanical station.Looks like an abandoned Greenhouse

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