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Solve for x: x^6=64
150 minutes after 6:40 is?
Probability that a birthday falls in May
Least common multiple of 18 and 28
The biggest prime number less than 95 is?
Greatest common factor of 96 and 128
Number of ways to arrange the letters in 'MATH'
Area of a trapezoid, bases 9 and 5 and height = 4
Solve for x: 4x-7=6
How many ways to choose 4 people from a group of 7
For the graph -2y = 5x+6, slope = ?
Radius of a circle with circumference 24pi
Solve for x: 2x+5=17
Given x is a positive integer, solve 3x-5 < 0
Surface area of a cube with side=5
A pentagon has how many diagonals?
Seven days to build 15 houses implies ? days for 45 houses?
A $7 item with 5% sales tax becomes...
Convert .96969696... to a fraction

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