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Can you provide these words that end in '-al'

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DefinitionAnswerEnds with...
ancient Semitic deity...AAL
thin, circular, brass percussion instrument...BAL
scamp, rapscallion, miscreant...CAL
foot operated lever...DAL
any edible grain; a breakfast food...EAL
inedible parts of a butchered animal...FAL
recklessly wasteful or extravagant; lavish...GAL
high ranking officer in some armies; law officer similar to a sheriff...HAL
an examination before a judicial tribunal...IAL
another word for aubergine or eggplant...JAL
a wild canine mammal...KAL
meat slaughtered as per Islamic law...LAL
gloomy, dreary, melancholy...MAL
DefinitionAnswerEnds with...
collection of munitions, weapons or military equipment...NAL
a young horse or mule...OAL
chief or foremost; director of a school...PAL
a made-up 3-letter word starting with 'qal'...QAL
large picture affixed to a wall or ceiling...RAL
gigantic, huge, extraordinarily great in size...SAL
clear, transparent glass or mineral...TAL
strictly on time, prompt, not late...UAL
elliptical, egg-shaped...VAL
the state or act of extending for an additional period...WAL
pertaining to a particular hip bone...XAL
having the rank of king, queen, or other sovereign...YAL
related to the flu...ZAL

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