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A piece of candy or confectionery
A small error or minor injury
A farewell or departing phrase
Steamed semolina typically found in dishes from N. Africa
An extinct bird so-called for its clumsy appearance
Name following Lady as the stage name for singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Plural for impressively successful or skillful persons, or a 'Top Gun' spoof
A dolphinfish
An informal word for mother
An idea or cultural item that is transmitted by repetition
A low continuous sound described as indistinct or mumbled
A loose-fitting dress typically brightly colored or patterned, worn by Hawaiian women
An informal word for grandmother or a child's nanny
An informal word for father
An ornamental ball of tufted wool, silk, ribbons, etc used to decorate hats; or used in a pair by cheerleaders
A hard yellowish deposit on the teeth or a mayonnaise-based sauce typically for seafood
The male gonads located in the scrotum
A comic book character by Belgian cartoonist Herge
A blood-sucking African fly responsible for transferring 'sleeping sickness'
A short, full skirt usually worn by ballerinas
A toy consisting of two disks connected by a dowel from which a string is attached to enable up & down spinning motion

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