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MeaningRhyming synonymsRhymes with...
real or authentictactual
a downward plunge or dive from a bird of preypoop
a small particle or spotdeck
shake, shudder or trembleriver
seize, grab or capturehatch
large irregular spot or staincrotch
a young bird's short, shrill little chirp or squeakdeep
plunder or robleave
move smoothly and continuously without resistancetide
a shoot or small branchbig
lean or thin in appearancedim
MeaningRhyming synonymsRhymes with...
hit or strike on the headhonk
subdue, quell or suppresswash
pull with force or effortrug
play a stringed instrument using the fingers across the stringshum
eject or expel a jetlike stream of liquidhurt
crimple or crumpletinkle
to scatter or splash with small drops or particlesmatter
become rosy or red in the facehush
chew, crush or crumple, especially noisilybunch
break violently into piecesash
a high clear ringing soundsing

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