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MeaningRhyming synonymsRhymes with...
reality or facttooth
stumble, misstep, blunderdip
forward end of a boat or shipwow
zero, a ciphergot
absolute or utter, as in nothing more than something specifiedear
a sharp, high-pitched sound (as from a rusty hinge)eek
to gleam or twinkle simmer
the outer or upper edge of somethingdim
a tiny amount, a particle, an iotazit
take, catch, or seize suddenlydab
MeaningRhyming synonymsRhymes with...
strike or stroke sharply, esp with an open handrack
a small mass of viscous liquid or shapeless formrob
rough, unrefined, uncouthdude
move, tremble or vibrate with quick movementsache
a valleyale
gaze fixedly and intentlyair
a mark, stain, or blemishpot
remove parts by cuttingtop
turn around by rotating or spinninggirl
an area raised above the level surface, a protuberancerump

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