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Can you find the given words, which can be suffixed with an 'ish'?

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Find the word that fits the pattern where the Answer can be made into another valid word by adding the suffix 'ish'. 1) Both words are real, although their connection as implied is just spurious 2) Nouns, verbs, adjectives... try not to get caught up on perfect word construction
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Being similar to a CHILD is CHILDISH...thus being similar to (a/an) ____...must be ____
A: 1st name in a two-word luxury car brand, co-founded by Lionel Martin
B: mild, tasteless, not highly flavored
B: a trade name or trademark of a product
B: an area over-heated, singed or scorched as by fire
C: Oscar-winning actress from 'Moonstruck' and singer of 'Believe' & 'If I Could Turn Back Time'
D: a man's name, as in Aykroyd, Marino and Rather
F: a short-form for family
F: a French word for a festive celebration
F: a winglike appendage for some aquatic animals
F: finely ground powder of grain, esp wheat
G: a man's name, as in Busey, Sinise, and Coleman
H: a dish of diced meat and vegetables
Being similar to a CHILD is CHILDISH...thus being similar to (a/an) ____...must be ____
P: an average or normal amount, as in the number of strokes for a given golf hole
P: a quick kiss; a dry measure of 8 quarts
P: a preposition meaning for each or according to
P: a play on words
R: a unit of radiation; slang for radical
R: to exert pressure or friction on something
S: a man's name, as in Baio, Bakula, or Joplin
S: thin slab or ledge (eg, wood, metal) fixed horizontally to a wall or frame to support objects (eg, books)
S: a short comical act or sketch
S: a distance of space such as between two supports of a bridge
V: a covered vehicle like a panel truck usually used for moving
V: healthy energy, active strength, vitality

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