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Can you name the following words that DON'T start with the letter 'n' (despite the phonetics)?

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Definition / SynonymWord
a lung illness that can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites
some jellyfish, corals, and anemones belong to this phylum
a type of metamorphic rock
a rogue or scoundrel; a journeyman; a jack playing card
women's underwear or boys' breeches
Filled with or operated by compressed air
a rounded handle or a rounded hill
machete, scalpel, cleaver, or a switchblade
joints on the hands or feet; make for an unappetizing sandwich
Definition / SynonymWord
to bite or chew persistently
ACL, MCL, and PCL are all found here; may be Wounded, a jerk, or multiple owned by a bee
a legendary being, usually bearded and short; sometimes found in a garden
derived from mother of the Muses, it relates to memory, usually as a 'device' to help remember
a blood-sucking fly
a backpack or rucksack
known for its beard it's another name for a wildebeest
a rounded hillock (but definitely NOT a rounded handle)

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