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Note that a "non-voting delegate" to the US House of Representatives is elected for a two-year term and cannot vote on legislation, but can participate in committees. Rivers include length only within or adjacent to US borders (ie, extension into Canada or Mexico is excluded). Vice-presidents who assumed the presidency and then were elected to the presidency (eg, Harry Truman) served as president - not vice-president - before then being elected to the presidency.
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Assassinated US Presidents
Presidents who died in office (non-assassinated)
Presidents elected directly after serving as Vice-President
Presidents whose son or father was also president
Presidents who served as Whigs
Presidents with First & Last name alliteration
3rd party presidential candidates since 1900 with 10%+ popular vote
Presidents whose 'Home State' was Massachusetts
Non-presidents on obverse of currency in circulation
State capitals named after presidents
State capitals whose starting letter = state's starting letter
States that start in a vowel but end in a consonant
States named after kings
States that are commonwealths
States that rank in bottom 10 of both population & area
US overseas territories with 1 non-voting delegate in House of Representatives
Largest current Native American tribes
4 Longest rivers (within USA)
Most northern state
Most southern state
4 states share the Sugar Maple as their state tree
Most eastern state
Most western state
7 states where the Northern Cardinal is the state bird

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