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Can you name the words that end with 'OE'?

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a southern African plant related to the lily with spiny toothed leaves and yellow / red flowers
hydraulic excavating machine
small open boat tapered at both ends usually propelled by paddles
a deer... a female deer (or a female goat, antelope, rabbit, koala, squirrel, chamois, etc)
sheet of floating ice
an enemy, rival, adversary, opponent, antagonist
slang for detective
a U-shaped metal plate nailed to a horse's hoof
kiss! a European plant with white berries used for Christmas decoration
a woodwind instrument with double reeds
either the eggs / spawn in a female fish or the sperm / milt of a male fish
small, sour, blackish fruit of the blackthorn
contrivance or device used to facilitate walking on deep snow
paroxysm, violent pang or spasm
distress, affliction or trouble

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