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Forced Order
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Don't be mean to Milly
Eggo Scotcho
I don't like cocks, i really don't
Homosexual sex must be pretty amazing
When I swim I pretend I'm a rock, because I can't swim
I'm getting a round of applause from my sausages
It lies to your eyes
- I don't think she's that ugly (Rosanna)
- Have you ever looked closely at her face?
This is IE!
I got harrassed by a cow!
You're not a babe, you're not a piggy, you're just a pig!
No Momo!
Keep to the beat, ho!
R-A-C-H-E-L is that how you spell my name?
You made an orally binding contract!
'I was writing a letter to a friend, and getting changed after my run, and listening to music so I didn't here the knock...' Sure.
I was there going ... O - my - God
Hahahahaha... seriously what are we laughing about?!
Nobody pervs on the people in this house ... apart from me
Aww Ben give us a suck
Every creature goes woof!
Ben is much better than me at tennis
Its like aristotle or some bitch up here
(from IE's garden) if you were a sniper you could kill a lot of people
I had to dance for a light
There was this one fit girl at the Young Farmers disco, she was pretty drunk. I reckon I could have fcuked her
In your dreams Kyalo (look of disgust)
Are those Canadian geese from Canadia?
If I were a Pokemon I'd definitely have Solarbeam
But how do the birds know what time to come?
What is muff? What is muff? What is muff?!?
- 'I went to da zoo today an I saw an aardvark, yeh yeh yeh.' Elo: 'Shut Up!' - 'I is not shuttin up man'
Piss Poor Circle Guys
When e where?
This bus is taking us to a secret bunker where we'll be dismembered by giant spiders
- You'll be shagged if you miss the bus, you should see some of the locals - I know, I've seen the news
Hello IE
Dude I'm so wasted
I had a dream about you and your dad Ted, and your magic stick
Fcuk this siht man
I once manged my way through half a gateau royal
Food is free, after you buy it
I'd never eaten a frozen pizza before, I didn't even know what it was
I don't believe in polar bears
Aluminium and plastic ... they're the same
(while making sausages) - I don't like pork
(Hofbrauhaus) Should I have pork? I don't like pork
Isn't Belgium in Brussels?
Ok guys, instead of having 3 rolls, i'll have 2 and a half
Newquay is a cockfest of epic proportions
- We're together - But not like that - Don't worry, I am
(about Love It) - You have to read it like you're a Scotch
All the kids will be like 'mummy, whats jizz?'
(Milly: This is the first time I've had veal...): Don't worry, just think of bambi
(Milly: No one goes to Berlin for their year abroad because they all speak English): 'Thats like saying no one in London speaks English'. No it isn't.
Dear ___,hear are some nose pinchers, stop snoring!
Dear___, hear are some earplugs, deal with it!
- 'Is this Chris Brown?' Brian: 'Yeh, the guy who beat up his hot girlfriend'. - 'Lad'
I made you dinner, do I get lad points?
You don't get lad points for being a woman!
(The tree man was wondering what to do with the hole he had made): Ah yeh, might as well jizz in that
Elo: 'Waka waka eh eh'. - 'Who sings that song?' Elo: 'Shakira' - 'Lets keep it that way!' (Fallen for at least 3 times)
BONUS: 'If there's grass on the wicket, play cricket'

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