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Not at the table Carlos
Let me just say that if God was a city planner he would not put a playground next to a sewage system
Monkeys make up 80% of the worlds monkey population
You know I was thinking we could go back home... have some dinner and pop in the Sisqo CD... no? Weren't thinking that? Ok
You shut your mouth when your talking to me
You are one pathetic loser, no offense
You want me to put my ear to the ground, listen for hoofbeats...check for footprints...look for broken twigs?
60% of the time, it works everytime
You're right! You're not your dad! He could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves!
He's on his final hole. He's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about a 2 iron I think
I won't say it but it rhymes with shmashmortion
I gotta catch a glimpse of these warlocks. Let's make a move
Oh, well, now your back's gonna hurt, 'cause you just pulled landscaping duty
Use small children as shields, bears like soft tender meat
Well I was a boyscout. Tom, you were a boyscout, weren't you?...No, but I ate a brownie once

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