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Who was the viola soloist of William Walton's 'Viola Concerto'?
Which American composer's main job was as an insurance salesman?
Which French 20th century composer mainly made her career as a teacher?
In what key is Franz Liszt's infamous sole 'Piano Sonata'?
Of what field of science was Edward Elgar an enthusiast?
Who wrote 'La Bohème'?
What nationality was Sibelius?
What nationality was Christian Sinding?
Who finished Mozart's 'Requiem in D Minor'?
Which composer actually composed the first 'opera'?
What instruments are the precursor to the violin family?
From what ailment did Claude Debussy die?
French composer Maurice Ravel was attacked with what in the 1930s in a freak accident, leading him to write his famous 'Bolero'?
18th century composer of numerous operas?
Which composer was nicknamed 'the Red Priest'?
Who re-discovered Bach's music 60 years after his death?
What nationality was Igor Stravinsky?
Who wrote 'Adagio for Strings'?
Who wrote 4'33?
Name the German tradition of song writing
19th/20th century French composer, drank himself to death
Who wrote the 'St Matthew Passion'?
What instrument did Britten play?
What does 'fugue' mean in Latin?
Who wrote 'Carmen'?
What was Beethoven's only opera called BEFORE it was called 'Fidelio'?
Famous ragtime composer
20th century jazz composer, brother was lyricist
How many symphonies did Haydn write?
Who wrote 'What to Listen for in Music'?
Who wrote 'Carnival of the Animals'?
Lowest instrument of the string family?
Highest instrument in the woodwind family?
If an instrument is in a different key from C, it is said to be a ______ instrument?
In what country is Vienna?
Name the last composition by Richard Strauss (name in English)
What year did Ravel die?
What year did Debussy die?
What year was Ralph Vaughan Williams born?

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