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Can you name the five letter words from Buffy?

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Forced Order
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HintFive Letter Answer
Main character of the series
Buffy's mom
Most common weapon used against a vampire
Buffy's first vamp lover
Buffy's second vamp lover
Buffy's long-term non-vamp lover
Buffy's Watcher
The 'Bad' Slayer
The 'Bad' Slayer's boss in Season 3
Wilkins' vamp ally
Deputy Mayor
Season 5 Big Bad
Season 7 Big Bad
Season 7 Big Bad's corporeal ally
Buffy's first roommate
What Ted really was
Animal Oz's band is named after
Leader of the Initiative
Bad beer
Angel's old squeeze
Sunnydale cheerleader who works for Angel after high school (nickname)
Spike's home
Potential slayer
'Band _____'
Demon who paralyzes prey, then eats strips of skin
What Spike and Clem play at the bar
Weapon used by the Initiative to stun 'hostiles'
Wilkins' gift to Faith
Lead singer of Oz's band
First gift Buffy receives from Angel
Fraternity known for 'killer' Halloween parties
Anya's biggest fear (singular)
Anya's favorite thing (after sex)
Poster on the back of Riley's dorm door
HintFive Letter Answer
Giles' old friend and mischief-maker
What Willow becomes
Weapon Buffy uses to kill Angel
What the Gentlemen steal
What Xander does with Amy on Valentine's Day
Fellow lost freshman Buffy befriends before he is turned into a vampire by Sunday's gang
Type of demon Giles is turned into
Xander and Willow's Season 1 buddy
What haunts Xander's dreams in 'Nightmares'
Slayer Spike killed in the 1970s
1970s slayer's son
What Anya turned Olaf into
Texan brother vamps
Warren's robot girlfriend
Buffy's gift
Joyce has surgery to remove this
Riley's vamp hooker
Where Oz goes to learn to control his wolfiness
What the monks call Glory
Sphere that repels Glory
Adam's first word
_________ of Myneghon
What/Who Ethan worships
Oz's werewolf cousin
Football player who thinks Xander is gay
Demon who burns the humanity out of people
Andrew's last name
Red herring for the Annointed One
Willow's computer class acquaintance
Computer teacher/Giles' love interest
Builds a Frankengirl for his brother
Resurrected brother seeking a mate
Warren's last name
Turns the swim team members into sea monsters
HintFive Letter Answer
'________ and Far Away'
Spike's 'Tabula Rasa' name
What Xander feels like; episode title 'The ________'
Cordelia campaigns to be May _______
Ubervamps: '_____-Han'
Willow's spell's effect on Giles in 'Something Blue'
What Ampata was
What Jenny was
Jenny's real name
Guy who runs a demon bar
Animal Xander is possessed by
Parking Ticket lady (actress/Buffy writer)
Buffy's award: '______ Protector'
Color of the Trio's van
Actress Benson
Actor Seth
Name of the only Thanksgiving episode
Singing Demon
Spike's trigger: '______ One Morning'
_______ Box
Lucky 19
What Sid was
Tara's last words: 'Your _____'
What awakens Acathla
What Clem is
Miss ______ Fantastico
1955 teacher having an affair with a student
1955 student who shot his teacher
Early Season 3 potential love interest for Buffy
Social worker
What Wilkins turns into
The school psychologist
Spike may be love's _____, but at least he's man enough to admit it

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