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Actress/Actor CharacterHints
Robert John BurkeInternal Affairs Bureau
Kelli GiddishHas a gambling problem
Skyler Dubow and/or Bradley DubowOlivia's foster child
Richard BelzerFirst of the squad to retiree
Noel FisherHe turned on the squad
Andre BraugherOne of the many lawyers
Dean WintersOlivia's cop boyfriend
Raul EsparzaCurrent male DA
Connie NielsenElliot shot time partner
Michael WestonOlivia's Step-brother
Christine LahtiExecutive assistant district attorney
Pablo SchreiberKidnapped Olivia
Jeffrey ScaperrottaOldest Stabler Son
Alison FernandezDaughter of a detective
Mariska HargitayMain Character
Ice-TOnly remaining square member other than Liv
Diane NealFemale DA that was in multiple season
Danny PinoOlivia's current partner
Actress/Actor CharacterHints
Erin BroderickOne of the Stabler daughters
B.D. WongForensic Psychiatrist
Stephanie MarchBlond haired DA
Isabel GilliesWife to a detective
Unknown Actor (Youngest of the Stablers)Named after his father
Lindsay PulsipherSister to one of the detectives
Peter HermannDefense Attorney
Christopher MeloniOlivia's first partner
Charlie TahanOlivia's first 'foster child'
Judith LightOne of the Judges
Allison SikoOne of the Stabler children (female)
Adam BeachOne of the detectives
Tamara TunieMedical Examiner
Elizabeth AshleyOlivia's Mother
Donal LogueUndercover a lot, a 'friend' of Amanda
Michaela McManusAssistant District Attorney
Dann FlorekHe was the captain for the longest time
Harry Connick, Jr.Executive Assistant District Attorney

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